Do You Need a Bookmark?

The only advertising for this more-or-less weekly blog is by word of mouth. Neither the blog, which I call my Journal, nor the website would exist if it were not for a magnificent gift from Carl Avidano, founder of Milestone Creative. He decided last year that his mom should have a website, so he built me one.

Moreover, Carl and his colleague at Milestone Creative, Andy Van Engen, realized that word of mouth advertising does not come naturally to introverts. How would my friends and acquaintances ever learn about my website? To make this conversation easier for me, they designed and printed up a bunch of bookmarks for me to give away. The bookmark has on it my name and website address, of course! “Hey, would you like a bookmark?” I can now ask my friends, relatives, people I meet.

Do you need a bookmark?

Of course you do not need one. Anything will do for a bookmark, as your librarian can tell you: a corner torn from the newspaper, a flap from the cereal box, a photo, a dollar bill. The last-named, perhaps, not so much. The other reason you do not need this particular bookmark is an obvious one–you have already found this website and my Journal.

Still, I would like for you to have one of my bookmarks. It is exactly the width and twice the length of a business card. The idea is that you can fold it to keep as a business card. Or, it can stretch out its entire little length to lounge between the pages of the book you are now reading.

It has occurred to me that a bookmark may seem archaic and quaint to my prospective online readers. Do people who read blogs also still read books? I have thought about this question and have decided that people who really love to read, read everything in sight. So contact me and be sure to include your mailing address in the message box. I will send you a bookmark, plus an extra one to give away.