“What will my undoing be?” The question scribbled in my notebook weeks ago has at last become “Fall from Grace,” even though it is not necessarily a moral or religious poem. The word undoing can be applied to many situations. It has a feeling of falling apart, like shoelaces becoming untied.  And the word regardless, which my father regularly used instead of nonetheless, more properly means without regard, i.e., heedless, reckless.


Here, then, is “Fall from Grace.” I think it is done. One never knows about these things.



Fall from Grace


This may be my undoing,

I sometimes say, when about

to take a chance.


Still I start down those icy

steps or that slippery slope

regardless and


later wonder what I did

or said that brought about so

unimaginable a




As I said, I think the poem is done. However, it occurs to me now that NOT taking a chance may also sometimes lead to one’s undoing. Can you think of any such occasion?