Our Five Minutes of Fame

Belonging to a writers’ club is just another way to tell myself I am a writer. I learn useful stuff. The Albion Area Writers’ Club of which I am a member presently is only women, but we do not intend to be exclusive in this or any other way. We cheer each other on, as writers. We share each other’s woes. That’s what we do, the seven or eight of us who get together once a month.

This April 1 we get to shine. The Albion Area Arts Council has invited us to give a program of readings, five minutes each. Also on the program will be young writers from the local high school. All this and cookies too, at Samaritan Estates, as part of an annual quilt show. You might say we are to be the entertainment for the quilt show, which begins at one o’clock. (We’re on at two.)

If you will be in the Albion (Nebraska) area on the first day of April, please come, I’d love for you to meet seven or eight writers who like nothing better than to quibble over words. Some have books to sell, some are columnists, all are my esteemed colleagues.

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