This Little Light

The belief that we humans carry within us a little bit of God’s own light may be attributed to Quaker thought. At least I have read of this teaching among Quakers, referred to as the universal saving light. We humans are made in the image of our Creator, as Genesis says. It goes without saying that we can obscure and all but obliterate this reflection of the Divine in various destructive ways. But it was there to start with, and God remembers.

The poem did not set out to illustrate my belief. Not at first. I saw the fireflies outside in the yard, their light made poignant to me by its brevity. A firefly reaches adulthood with about three weeks to live, if I understand correctly.


These latest nights in June they ride
the air in and out of the little wood
where is hid your house

sending their signal flashes of cool fire
even after you have left the porch
and come inside to sleep.

Like all inhabiting your life unnoticed,
friend, they bear aloft their light
whereof you do not know.

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